Celebrity Selena Gomez Reveals Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction Ever

Whether she’s showing off her stellar street style or rocking the red carpet, Actress Selena Gomez, 22, always manages to look perfectly put together. In fact, the star was quick to dish on one time a broken zipper left her scantily clad.

Selena shared the embarrassing moment with MTV, when she answered questions on how to deal with a slew of awkward situations, including what to do in an embarrassing moment when you’re all dressed up. "That’s kind of happened to me before.

I was on a red carpet and my entire zipper broke and went all the way down and luckily there were a bunch of guys around me and I laughed and I was like ’give me your jacket.’ So I’m laughing while they’re taking pictures and putting their jacket on and then I’m like ’bye’ and then I run and then once we were back there I was having people sew me in.

No one may be perfect, but with her ability to find the humor in such an embarrassing situation, we think Selena comes pretty close.